Fundraising for Children in Need Appeal 2008

It always seems that there is a fundraising event being held somewhere for a group of disadvantaged, disabled or disillusioned group of people and it can feel overwhelming when you realise that you can’t give to help all of the charities out there. Instead you have to choose to support the charities which you can, and hope that other people in the community and the country, can help the ones that your giving can’t quite reach.

At Amar Hall we have chosen to organise a fundraising event this November to support the Children in Need Appeal 2008. We will be hosting an event at Amar Hall in Kent where we hope to raise funds to support this very worthy cause. Fundraising for charity can take on many forms, and whether you choose to join us at Amar Hall in November for our fundraising event, or organise your own event, there is a myriad of options open to you.

You may choose to host a fundraising event for the Children in Need Appeal and charge an entrance fee or a table fee for your guests, who will then join your event for a meal, a concert, a quiz night or even just a morning tea, where you can get a group of people together, who care enough about others to give what they can.

Fundraising for Children in Need may also include selling raffle tickets or organising a car wash, a cake stall or a community fete. Fundraising can be a lot of fun, and you never know what you can get for your chosen charity until you ask. Many local suppliers and businesses will be more than happy to donate their products, their time or their services as prizes for a fundraising event, or to help in organising the event itself  when people find out that just a little bit of their time and energy can change the life of someone less fortunate, you’d be surprised at how generous people can be.

So this November, remember to give generously to the Children in Need Appeal, and join us at Amar Hall where we’ll be hosting a special fundraising event, which will of course help our chosen charity, buy will also be a lot of fun too. we hope to see you there!

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