Function Hall Hire Dartford

Dartford is well known for its nightlife – however this can make it difficult for anyone trying to find the perfect hall to hire. At Function Hall Hire Dartford we hire out halls with everything on your checklist such as lots of space, range of facilities and experience for a good night for you and your family and friends. If this is the case then Amar Hall is the hall for you, this hall has been a fully functional hall since 1992 and has a lot of experience as we have helped a lot of customers with their events. The hall is located in Dartford at the bottom of East Hill. Function Hall Hire Dartford has carried out many events such as birthday parties, stag and hen nights and wedding receptions.

We allow not only 18th birthdays but we also allow 21st birthday parties, this is because we know how important these birthdays are and we at Function Hall Hire Dartford want you to enjoy the large milestones in your life with your family and friends. Amar Hall also allows you to celebrate these special birthdays at some of the cheapest prices in Dartford.

We at Amar Hall can supply you with the essentials you need for your event, such as a bar, bar staff and door security. We also provide a stage area where you can have people singing, dancing etc. This staging area is perfect for dancers, singers, Dj and live bands.

Amar Hall’s fully functional bar is in place to make your event easier to plan. We have a selection of different drinks such as, spirits, wines, beers, mixers and champagne. However if some of your guests do not want to drink an alcoholic beverage then we also have a variety of soft drinks for them to choose from. With committed bartenders you will be sure to be delighted with the service you and your guests will receive.

Function Hall Hire Dartford can provide you with cocktail mixologists who can mix a variety of different cocktails.

For more information on Functional Hall Hire Dartford, please get in touch with a member of our sales team.

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